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About Bonnie Mason M.A.

Bonnie Mason M.A.Counselling Psychology
Registered Marriage & Family Therapist #2017144
Approved Supervisor for Canadian Associate of Marriage & Family Therapists #2017144
Registered Clinical Counsellor #1337

Bonnie describes how she feels about her work with children, couples, families and individuals over the past 30 years:

I have had the amazing opportunity to assist families during different stages and phases of their lives, and it is truly a rewarding and exciting career. I have had the chance in my career to assist teenagers in making better choices and then the gift of assisting their children when they became adults. Working with two or three generations of a family is what family therapy is all about. I continue to learn from my clients and feel honored by their respect, trust and commitment to their therapeutic relationship with me. I have had the wonderful experience of my youngest client being three and my oldest at 94, and each have taught me something valuable.

Bonnie's Professional Experience:

I began my career in the helping profession in 1980 working in the position of a youth and child care counsellor with adolescent girls in a residential setting sponsored by the Catholic Grey Nuns. It was at this time I decided to pursue a Bachelor's degree in psychology. I attended the University of Winnipeg for four years, while continuing to gain skills and experience at the group home. Upon graduation, I relocated to British Columbia and fell in love with my community of White Rock. In 1985 I began working at the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre where I gained 5 more years of experience working with traumatized and challenging adolescents.

My next opportunity drew me to the Burnaby School Board were I began my work with elementary children throughout the School District. By 1991, I was well known for my compassion, knowledge and high level of professionalism and was offered a position with the Burnaby R.C.M. Police. It was with great pride I accepted the position as Director and Senior Counsellor of Burnaby Youth Services, a police based counselling program for children, youth and families at risk. I began to experience the rewards of helping families find harmony and achieve better lives. I realized my passion for family therapy and wanted to learn more and become the best family therapist possible. I decided to attend the Alder School of Professional Psychology and obtain my Master's degree. I continued to work as the director of Burnaby Youth Services until 1998 helping hundreds of adolescents and their families re-direct their lives.

My next goal and dream was to have my own therapy practice in the community of White Rock/South Surrey. The practice opened 18 years ago and has been thriving since the day I opened and continues to be held in great regard by the medical community, school district, and members of the community.

Bonnie's Credentials & Training:

Experience in Teaching:

As much as I enjoyed the experience of teaching and sharing my wealth of knowledge it became clear to me my true passion is psychotherapy and counselling. I believe that is where my time has the greatest impact and potential to help people find inner peace and self-acceptance. My commitment is to my continued growth as a therapist and to the people who seek my assistance.

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Relevant Personal Information:

Bonnie and MajorI have been happily married for 28 years; my husband has supported all my professional dreams and goals over the years. In 1996 I had the opportunity to support him with one of his dreams and goals since he was a young boy, which was to sail to the South Pacific. We lived aboard our 42 foot sailboat for 3 years preparing for the day we would set sail for one year. We had sailed the local waters of British Columbia for almost 20 years by the time we set off for our big journey across the ocean. Part of my preparation was to participate as a crew member without my husband in a sailboat race from Victoria to Hawaii. There is a lot of time to think crossing an ocean, I learnt many valuable things about life and myself during that year. Life is about dreams and goals and it is all too often people struggle to meet their goals and may just need a helping hand to support them and give them hope.

We no longer sail as we turned our sails in for a power boat a few years ago. I now spend my time off enjoying the beach and forest with my dog. I also stay active riding my mountain bike, yoga and working out at the gym. I strive for balance and acknowledge that it is easier said than done.

If you would like contact Bonnie Mason, please call her at 250-416-7594 or e-mail her at

Book online: Chemainus | Rosemary Heights (current & former clients only)

Hours of Work:
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 11:00am - 7:00pm
Chemainus office: either in person or Zoom
Surrey: Zoom or phone

I am unable to accept any new referrals in Surrey at this time.

Office Locations:
10126 Island View Close
Chemainus, BC
Unit #223, Building #B
3388 Rosemary Heights Crescent
South Surrey, BC

RCC: Registered Clinical Counsellor

I find Bonnie Mason one of the very best counsellors, therapists, supervisors we have in BC. I highly recommend her without any reservation.

- Dr. John Banmen, (ret.) R. Psych.
Former Associate Professor, UBC
Former Director of Training, SIP

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